Fridge Wisdom: Superhero Edition

Another major milestone has passed. JJ finally learned to pronounce the “SP” sound.

That may not seem like much to you. I mean who really needs to say “spooky,” “spit,” or “spoon” all that often anyway? But keep in mind it’s also the start of “Spider-Man.” And if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that’s a pretty important word in our house.

So up until the other day, my son did what most kids learning to speak do — made it harder on himself. I’m just not sure how saying “ssssfooky,” “ssssfoon,” or “Sssfider-Man” is easier than the actual words… yet it’s so cute I could just sssfit!

It wasn’t too long ago I did another of these posts, lamenting the passing of some baby-talk. Dere dwopping wike fwies! (Fortunately, some still remain.) So before even more slip into the ether — and in honor of Spidey’s entree into the lexicon proper — I’ll share a few of JJ’s superhero-themed misspeaks. Big mutant-powered props to whoever can guess without using their x-ray vision (or sneaking a peek at the translations below).

So True Believers, what are/were some of your kid’s most adorable baby-talk words?

(Translations: “magic wope” = “magic rope” AKA Wonder Woman’s magic lasso; “batteries” = Batman’s “batarrangs”; “heat beeps” = “heat beams” AKA Superman’s heat vision)

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