DooDad of the Day: Dorkdaddy Tees

Are you a Star Wars fan of galactic proportions? Think everything is awesome about LEGO? In other words, are you a dork? No need to be ashamed…but you do need to grab one of these dork-tastic tees designed by my pal Sam from Dorkdaddy.com

Dordaddy Tees - DesignerDaddy.com


In order for these shirts to get printed — and for an important cause to benefit — at least 10 of all 5 deigns have to be reserved. (2 reached their goal, 1 is close, 2 need help.) It’s all up to you, folks — the universe is depending on you! Go reserve yours now.


This is the most important part — the proceeds of the Dorkdaddy tees will go towards the fundraiser I started for another dad blogging friend, Oren Miller from A Blogger and a Father. You may recall a post I wrote about him, as well as his own heartbreaking and poignant retelling of the discovery of his cancer diagnosis.


So please reserve a shirt now for the biggest dork in your life, even if that’s you. Help out a dad who’s battling terminal cancer. And wear your dorkdom with pride AND a good conscious.

Read more about the t-shirts (and order!) at Dorkdaddy.com

If you’re not a dork and just want to make a donation to Oren’s fundraiser, click on the “Give Back to Oren” widget in the sidebar of this site, or go directly to the Give Forward page. The fundraiser ends September 12th, and we are very close to reaching our goal!

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