DMK Releases First Original Song, ‘Pale Blue Dot’

DMK — the incredibly talented (and adorable) Depeche Mode cover band from Bogotá, Colombia — has written and recorded their first original song, “Pale Blue Dot.”

Dicken Schrader, daughter Milah (11), and son Korben (8) have been performing as DMK for the last 5 years, putting their creative touch on “Enjoy the Silence,” “Black Celebration” and half a dozen others Depeche Mode classics. They’ve gotten to perform live for crowds all over the world, and even ventured beyond the kids’ bedroom into more creative video productions.

Their latest is an all-new, original family project, with Dad on keyboard and kazoo, Milah playing the ukulele and recorder, and Korben tackling the xylophone and accordion. “Pale Blue Dot” was inspired by Carl Sagan’s book of the same name, and is a simple, sweet song about being connected on this “pale blue dot” we all call home.

A more detailed (and bittersweet) explanation of the song, from the band’s YouTube page:

It was written by Dicken and dedicated to Milah and Korben — who will soon move outside the country to live with their mother — to remind them that our planet is just a tiny speck of dust in the vastness of space and so it doesn’t matter how far away we go, we will always be together.

I spoke with Dicken briefly, and he assured me that while he will remain in Colombia and the kids will be in the U.S., DMK is not over. They plan to continue rehearsing and playing live events, and hope to record more songs during visits and summer vacations.

Whatever the future holds for DMK, I wish Dicken and his family all the best. And I wish them lives filled with as much music, creativity, and love as they’ve shared with the world these past five years.

So we could never be apart
‘Cuz we belong together
We will float among the stars
Together forever
No, we could never be apart
‘Cuz we belong together
We will float among the stars
Together forever and ever.

Listen to “Pale Blue Dot” on SoundCloud.

DMK - pale blue dot

Read my interview with Dicken from 2012, not long after “Everything Counts” (still my favorite) went viral.

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