Creative Father’s Day Gifts for the Creative (and not-so-creative) Dad

Still at a loss about what to get Dear Old Dad for Father’s Day? Yes it’s the thought that counts, but Dad can recognize a cliched gift when he sees one — especially if he’s the creative or handy type. So forget the grill, take back the tie, hide the hammock… here are three great books to get your favorite father’s creative juices flowing. Or at the very least something to read on the can.

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First up is an awesome book by fellow dad blogger, Mike Adamick. It’s so awesome, it’s right there in the title! Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects is a niftily comprehensive how-to book for dads that like to invent, tinker and makeshift — or those that wish they could and just need an awesome instruction manual (like yours truly). The book is divided into sections based on time commitment and difficulty (Afternoon Crafts, Weekend Projects, School Break Projects) and range from the somewhat simple (Duct Tape Crayon Wallet, Friendship Bracelets) to the seriously supreme (Birdhouse, Backyard Swing Set).

On my to do list with JJ are the disgusting/yummy Eggshell Cupcakes, Crayon Shapes (made from broken crayon bits, of which we have a bundle) and Homemade Goo Slime. The name alone of that last one sells itself.

From a design standpoint, the book couldn’t be better organized, striking a great balance of simply straightforward and delightfully detailed. And of course the writing is hilarious, which starts from the get-go on the copyright page: “Certain sections of the book deal with activities that may result in serious bodily harm or even death. But generally only if you do something really stupid, such as inserting a saw into your brain.” Like I said, AWESOME.



If your guy’s less of a DIY Dad and more a Picasso Papa, Art Lab for Kids is the must-have guide to raising a mini-Matisse or two. Written by Susan Schwake — a mom with twenty years experience as an art teacher — it starts with a list of essentials to set up your own home-based “art lab” and from there explores a myriad of projects in each of the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, paper and mixed media.

In addition to being a topnotch manual for art instruction, Art Lab for Kids overflows with wonderful photos of kids in action and their stunning creations. Each chapter also features works from professional artists that serve as an example or inspiration for each exercise.

I look forward to undertaking many of these with JJ, and also brushing up on some of my own long-unused skills. Standouts for me include: Crayon Scratchboard, Found Objects Prints, and Paper Family Quilts.

Dad have preschoolers? Then check out Schwake’s newest and greatest, Art Lab for Little Kids



Okay, so maybe this doesn’t fit the bill of being for the “Creative Dad.” Yet The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions is a hilarious little tome, brilliantly (and creatively) illustrated and written by Andy Herald and Charlie Capen, the fine fellows from HowToBeADad.com. What it lacks in girth it makes up for in mirth — case studies in co-sleeping that are painfully hysterical to those that have lived through them, and regular hysterical to anyone else.

While we’ve only seldom allowed JJ to sleep in our bed, “The Junkyard,” “Roll-On Deodorant” and “The Booby Trap” all felt strangely familiar. And “The Bat” and “The Neck Scarf” were total LOL/spit-takes.

In addition to Father’s Day, this makes a great shower gift for new dads, new moms, or any combination thereof. I’m putting in a request now for the sequel to feature some same-sex couples. How funny would the “The Drive Thru Window” or “The Superman” look with two moms or dads? Readers want to know!

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Alrighty, your shopping is done! Order now — all are available on Amazon and can be delivered in time for Father’s Day. Now go get creative!

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