New Clothing Line Tackles Gender Stereotypes One Adorable T-Shirt at a Time

svaha girls clothes

Sugar and spice and everything nice? Not always. Sometimes little girls are made of sports and science and everything nerdy. Sometimes they’re not enchanted by princesses and sparkles and fairy wings. Sometimes they don’t think pink.

More (girl) power to them! But when it comes to buying clothes for such independently-minded young ladies, what are progressive, supportive parents to do?

One way to encourage and empower your kids is to check out Svaha, an awesome and awe-inspiring new clothing company. A designer friend turned me on to them, and I was instantly charmed by their cute-as-pie/out-of-the-box designs for little girls. Watch this video to learn more…

Svaha (named after the founder’s daughter) is run by three moms who want their kids to have choices beyond the expected… and their clothes to do the same! They’ve got 30 days or so left on a Kickstarter campaign to get their web site up and fully functional. I donated $25 and will get one of their sweet tees — my niece will look totes adorbs in the test tube t-shirt!

Here’s a quote pulled from the About page of their current site that further explains the inspiration for Svaha:

We believe that children learn what they are ‘supposed’ to like from a very young age, and if the only options they have to choose from (and we provide) are gender traditional, we are inadvertently marketing gender stereotypes to our own children. The child’s first influence in regards to gender roles is the family. Why do we decide pink is for girls and purple is not something that boys should wear? Why do we never see a girl firefighter on a girl’s t-shirt, when everyone knows just how cool firefighters are?

Not only does Svaha have a great philosophy, their designs are great, too! Below are 4 of my favorites. When was the last time you saw clothing (or toys, books, TV shows) for girls that included images of test tubes (or anything science-related), robots, gears, or monster trucks?!?

svaha unique clothes for girls

Please go check out all their designs — which, in addition to tee shirts, include onesies, socks, undies, leggings, and more — then give them a few bucks to help out with their Kickstarter. And tell them Designer Daddy sent you!

Have you found other stores or brands that carry non-traditional clothes for little girls? Share them in the comments, so we can all let retailers know not every girl is made of from the same sugary/spicy/everything nicey stuff!

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