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I’ll admit that as a good liberal/progressive, I’ve signed my share of online petitions over the years. But I’ve grown a bit weary as they come at you so hard and fast through every online avenue imaginable. And often with horrendous spelling.

However, I did come across two petitions from Change.org (one of the more reputable sources of online petitioning) that definitely hit home. They relate to Design and Daddyhood, respectively, so I’m setting up the soapbox here at the blog today.

The first is in response to reports of extremely unhealthy immoral conditions at Chinese factories producing Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone. I had initially heard about it on The Daily Show (the juicy part starts at around the 1:50 mark):

These atrocities have also been reported on by This American Life and CBS News. Why does this example of Chinese inhumanity bug me more than others? Because Apple has always touted itself as being different: mindful of the human condition, a friend of the misunderstood genius, and above all a responsible business. I won’t go into all the ways I’ve loved Apple over the years (you can read that here). But suffice it say that I — like any lifelong Mac user, as well as the legion of newcomers to the fold — have come to expect more.

Here’s the blurb I wrote to accompany my signature:
I’ve been using Apple products exclusively since 1990. All my computers, iPod, iPad, iPhone, even AppleTV. When Steve Jobs passed, I was heartbroken. His vision has inspired and motivated me my entire professional life. This is a blight on his memory and goes against everything Apple has ever stood for. Please remedy this immediately or risk losing your reason for existing — your loyal Mac Users.

Read more about the petition, as well as sign, comment and share by clicking the graphic below:

The second petition relates to the long, ongoing battle regarding same-sex marriage, specifically in my state of Maryland. A couple of times we’ve gotten close to becoming the 8th state/district to grant equal marriage rights to all its citizens, but alas have fallen short. The issue has been brought up again by our wonderfully supportive governor, Martin O’Malley, but it’s still going to be a long, arduous process. I implore you (especially you fellow Marylanders) to not only sign this petition, comment, and share it all over Facebook and Twitter, but to contact your local representative to voice your support for my family and many, many others like it who are second-class citizens in this particular area.

Comment posted with my signature:
My partner and I have been together for almost 15 years; more than half of that we’ve lived in Maryland; we’ve been fathers of a beautiful boy for the last 2 years. Please do all you can to help ensure our family gets all of the same rights and protections as every other citizen of this wonderful state!

Read more about this petition and sign, comment and share by clicking the graphic below:

Thanks for your time and support. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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