Best of 2014 Kindie Music Giveaway

Stuff your stockings and your ears with five awesome albums from some of the hottest names in kids’ music. If you’re not familiar with “kindie” music, that’s a mash-up of “indie” and “kiddie.” It’s way less annoying than it sounds — in fact, some of it is quite good. And unlike those hideous Kidz Bop albums, these are all real musicians, playing real songs, written for real kids. And they come in every flavor/sound/color you can imagine. Check out some of my favorites from last year and a couple of soon-to-be-released/soon-to-be-favorites.

Then jump down and enter to win the whole kit and kaboodle!

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Recess Monkey 2014 Kindie Music


The latest release from Seattle-based Recess Monkey celebrates invention, exploration and other joys of a growing mind. As both teachers and former indie rockers, this trio continues to crank out music that appeals to kids’ imaginations, ears AND feet! And if you’re in the DC area, come experience Recess Monkey live, Sunday, January 25 at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. Shows are at 11am and 2pm. Click on times for more info and to buy tickets.

Standout tracks: Braces, Car Wash, Brick by Brick
Listen / Purchase on Amazon


23 Skidoo Kindee Music

SECRET AGENT 23 SKIDOO – The Perfect Quirk

This is my favorite discovery in kids’ music from the last year. This multi genre/racial/gender/generational band consists of dad 23 Skidoo and daughter MC Fireworks taking turns on the mic. SA23S do way more than just spitting rhymes about cleaning your room and eating your veggies. Hip-hop, R&B, ska and funk mix to create quirky, catchy, booty-shakin’ songs for the whole family. Oh yeah, and The Perfect Quirk just got nominated for a Grammy in the Best Children’s Album category!

Standout tracks: Imaginary Friend, 3 Pointed Back, Pillowfight Pillowfight
Listen / Purchase on Amazon


Laurie Berkner Band 2014 Kindie Music

LAURIE BERKNER BAND – The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection

Fan-favorites from six of Laurie Berkner’s albums are represented on this truly ultimate collection. It also has three bonus tracks including the previously unreleased “One Seed” and an extended full band version of our family’s favorite, “My Family.” Read my review of her concert from earlier this year, and check out her Christmas Album, too!

Standout tracks: The Cat Came Back, Running Down the Hill, Drive My Car
Listen / Purchase on Amazon


Suz Slezak 2014 Kindie music

SUZ SLEZAK – Watching the Nighttime Come

Lovely, thoughtful, haunting, mesmerizing. Just a few of the words that come to mind when experiencing Suz Slezak’s voice — either as part of indie-folk band David Wax Museum or on her solo debut. Watching the Nighttime Come features an eclectic (yet cohesive) mix of original songs, a Mexican lullaby, a 16th century round, and a Leonard Cohen gem. The perfect soundtrack whether you’re putting your youngsters to bed or putting your feet up for the night.

And if you’re in DC, stop by The Kennedy Center to see Suz and husband David Wax perform with David Wax Museum for FREE Monday, December 22 on The Millennium Stage. Check web site for time and other info.

Standout tracks: You Got Love, Leather Winged Bat, Jessie’s Waltz
Listen / Pre-purchase on Amazon (Release date: February 10, 2015)



ROCK’N’RAINBOW – Let’s Boogie

Those wacky Canadians are at it again. Toronto-based rock/glam/disco band Rock’n’Rainbow is the brainchild of educator and musician Mike Whitla. While RNR is a new project for Whitla, it follows six previous albums of award-winning children’s music. Channeling Queen, Elton John, and KISS, and with band member names like Purple Stardust, Mellow Yellow and Blue Elvis, these crazy Canucks are all about the funky fun. Come for original rockers, stay for the groovy remakes of the Time Warp (!) and the Hokey Pokey (“Hokey Funky”).

Check out Rock’n’Rainbow on YouTube: The Freeze, 5 Senses
Album will be available on Amazon, iTunes and Rainbow Songs online store (Release date: March 17, 2015)

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  Wired by Recess Monkey
  The Perfect Quirk by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
  The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection by Laurie Berkner Band
  Watching the Nighttime Come by Suz Slezak
  Let’s Boogie by Rock’N’Rainbow
  All albums available as either digital downloads or physical CDs.

Contest ends at midnight (EST) this Monday, Dec. 22. Enter the contest widget below – multiple ways to win!


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