Meet the 2020 Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Recipients

It’s old home week for me, in a couple of ways. Thursday marks the start of Dad 2.0 Summitan annual conference where marketers, social media leaders, and blogging parents connect to discuss the changing voice and perception of modern fatherhood. My 7th time attending, this year the Summit is on my home turf in Washington DC!

While I have the added perk of not paying for airfare, my primary excitement is to reconnect with these parents/writers/videographers/photographers/podcasters that have truly become dear friends. While I always come away educated, challenged and inspired, the relationships are what keeps me coming back. And as a “seasoned” attendee, I’m compelled to pay it forward, making the newer folks feel welcome.

2020 is Dad 2.0’s 9th Summit, and the 6th year awarding scholarships to some of the aforementioned newbies. And as chairman of the Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship, I’m once again honored to introduce this year’s recipients.

Spend a few moments reading about these six dads. They are biological dads, adoptive dads and stepdads, with 18 kids between them. They find inspiration in Uncle Phil, Yoda and Gandalf; refreshment from craft beer, scotch and triple espressos. Check out some of their work, follow them on social media, chat them up in person at the Summit — and make sure they feel the depth and richness of this awesome community.

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Sergio Rosario - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Sergio Rosario


Follow Sergio on Facebook and Instagram.    Listen to his amazing conga-playing!    Check out more of Sergio’s writing on his blog, Soy Super Papá (I’m Super Dad).

Nick Dekker - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Nick Dekker


Follow Nick (AKA Dr. Breakfast) on Instagram and Facebook  Check out these food-centric travel guides on his blog, Breakfast with Nick.


Chris Ruiz - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Chris Ruiz


Follow Chris on Instagram  Read his advice on getting a vasectomy  Check out more of Chris’s writing and reviews on his blog, Dad Plus the Kids.


Matt Todd - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Matt Todd


Follow Matt on Twitter and Facebook.   Read his family’s adoption story  Check out more of Matt’s writing on his blog, Life in the Fishbowl.


Jeremy Barnes - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Jeremy Barnes


Follow Jeremy on Twitter & Instagram Read his take on the boyfriend/girlfriend rules  Check out more of Jeremy’s writing on his blog, Thirsty Daddy.


Chris Wollenstein - Dad 2 Summit scholarship recipient

Chris Wollenstein


Follow Carlos on Instagram and Facebook Read about his experience becoming the father of triplets  Check out more of Carlos’ writing on Historias de un Papá (Stories of a Dad).

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