Amazing Videos About Sex… For Kids!

Talking to Kids About Sex and Sexuality

As a gay dad of a 10 year-old boy, it’s important that I raise my son to be both educated and open-minded about sex, sexuality and gender. One resource that has helped me out with this is Amaze.

Amaze.org is a terrific place for parents and kids to learn about sex and relationships in an honest, positive way. Their videos are funny without being too silly; smart without being too clinical. They address the “mechanics” (like puberty), as well as more complex topics like gender identity, coming out, consent, etc.

Below are my top five most amazing Amaze videos. It was hard to narrow it down — they have so much great content!

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Simple, supportive and sweet, this clip helps normalize the coming out process for queer and questioning kids. But regardless of your child’s identity or orientation, it also teaches them (and you) how to be a good friend and ally.

Keywords: attraction • closeted • coming out • friendship • love • puberty



A quick tutorial on gender role stereotypes and how they affect our expectations and emotions. A great starting point for parents and caregivers for chatting with their kids, whether the topic is pink vs. blue or identifying as nonbinary.

Keywords: body image • gender roles • individuality • nonconforming • self-image • stereotypes



This video takes the conversation on gender to the next level. A series of characters emerge from dressing rooms, accompanied by catchy lyrics and informational captions about gender expression, gender identity and gender fluidity. A great primer for kids AND grownups.

Keywords: cisgender • gender expression • gender-fluid • nonbinary • pronouns • transgender



An annoyingly common question many queer couples are subjected to. To most adults, the answer should be “None of your damn business.” Or perhaps an in-kind query, “Why does it matter?

Kids, however, are just trying to learn their way around the world, their peers, and their own bodies. This video does an excellent, straightforward (no pun intended) job of listing many of the ways LGBTQ families are formed. The clip also makes the important point that plenty of non-queer couples use the same methods to have children. The 4-minute video packs in a lot of information, and should be required viewing for all kids. And quite a few nosey adults.

Keywords: adoption • blended families • foster • IVF • reproduction • surrogacy



As children identify as LGBTQ at younger and younger ages, this may be the most important video of the bunch. Regardless of how much society progresses, queer kids will always be a minority. And they’ll always be in need of support, defense and acceptance.

As with many of Amaze’s videos, this one’s also a great reminder for non-queer adults about the basics of allyship.

Keywords: ally • bullying • communication • community • GSA • LGBTQ rights

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While my list relates specifically to me and my family, there’s plenty more on Amaze.org for you and your family to explore. While the majority of videos are aimed at older kids, there’s also content for ages 4-9. It’s never too early to talk to your kids about sex, their bodies and their development.

Be sure and check out all the other great parent playlists!

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