Toddler Career Planning

When JJ was a much tinier tot than he is now, one of his favorite things to do was to shove his hand into either of his Fathers’ mouths and explore our teeth, cheeks, tongue, etc. We thought it was cute and joked about how he was going to be a dentist when he grew up.

Months later JJ discovered the joys of taking all of his balls (be they rubber, plastic or plush) and one-by-one transferring them from the toy box to the trash can. We thought it was adorable and kidded about how he was going to be a basketball player.

JJ’s latest obsession is to latch the straps of his booster seat. And then whine for us to unlatch them. And then re-latch them. And then whine some more. To infinity and beyond. We’re not sure what career this little activity might lead to. And it’s more than a little annoying.

As you can tell, even Cordi is a little concerned about JJ’s new hobby compulsion. That, and she’s not getting to eat the scraps out of his seat anymore.

So dear readers, any thoughts as to what JJ’s incessant clicking of his high chair seat belt might foretell? Your wisdom and humor is welcome and appreciated.

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