The Mural Project

Since before JJ was born, I’ve had grand fantasies of introducing him to all kinds of art and culture at an early age. One of the more ambitious dreams was to paint a mural on his nursery wall. I have a maniacally crafty friend who had painted a cloud fresco on her son’s ceiling, as well as various fantastical creatures on the walls and even the furniture (photos to come) — so I had that inspiring/intimidating me. And of course there’s this wondrous monstrosity:

Yet here we are 15 months later, and nary a brush stroke has been made. So I thought I’d share the process with everyone here for two reasons: 1) So that others could learn from and be entertained by my mistakes, and 2) To hold myself accountable to actually getting it done.

So to start off, here are some photos of JJ’s nursery walls. They aren’t this empty normally — we have a few pieces of art and a cool lamp I took down to see the blank canvas.

Left wall
Back wall
Right wall

My goal is to have the mural completed by the summer, so stay tuned. And please feel free to bug me about it from time to time — I thrive under pressure!

By the way, have any of you created a mural or artwork for your child’s nursery? Or hired someone else to do it? Please pass some photos (or advice) along, and I’ll share them here.

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