The Mural Project: Coming down to the line…

…and the dot and the swirl and the squiggle.

My goal (well, my latest goal — there have been several) was to have Jon’s mural done by his second birthday. Or more importantly, his second birthday party. Which is exactly 10 days away. Zoinks.

I have made some progress, which is posted below. Let me know what you think, and please continue to cheer me on. The end is in sight! Let’s just hope I don’t go crazy and — as I’m prone to do — overdo it. No “undo” command on this bad boy.

Before dots, my go-to design element was the "swirl." It was all the rage in the 90s.
Look, the dots have grown stems!
A wider shot — Jon was quite excited about all the new "gween."

Lord willing (and the creek don’t rise), I’ll be back here in 10 days, posting pics of the final product!

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