The 12 Days of Christmas Past: Day 5

The kiddo’s settled down for a long winter’s nap, so I’ll crank out one more Card of Xmas Past…

We were at my parents’ house this weekend for Christmas I, which included opening presents with my brother and his wife, a couple of way-too-large meals, and Sunday morning service at my Dad’s church. Christmas II will be at our house. Grandma & Grandpa are coming up here for another round of presents and a ginormous lasagna.

As we were leaving my parents’ house Sunday night — all a-flurry and a-scurry to make sure we got all our loot (presents), crap (non-present stuff), and JJ’s everything — my brother asked, “Do you want to take your little girl home, too?”

Yup, we almost forgot the dog.

As many other parents of both dogs and humans will tell you, our dog (Cordi, short for Cordelia*) truly was our “first baby” —  a test run of sorts. She’s a 7 year-old “pre-Obama” Portuguese Water Dog, and is the sweetest, smartest and most adorable dog of all time. Don’t believe me? Check out her headshots after this 2006 Holiday card featuring a be-spotted buttshot. Another well-loved card, many of which I sold to local pet and gift stores. Several years later I was out walking Cordi, and someone stopped to admire/pet her. This person mentioned how much she looked like a dog on a Christmas card she received once. She’s not Bo famous, but it’s a start.

And here are some of Cordi’s greatest hits. BTW, I think I’m overcompensating since she didn’t make it onto this year’s card (come back tomorrow…) — sorry baby girl, no trip to Italy for you!

Photo by Jill Friefeld, Happy Hound Pet Care
Photo by Piper Watson, Piper Watson Photoraphy
Photo by Daddy

*Named after the Buffy character, not King Lear. We’re TV smart, not book smart.

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