SuperLunchNotes: Week 1

Thus starteth my attempt to bring my SuperLunchNotes to the bloggety-blog on the regular. My plan is to post twice a week — an older batch and the most recent week — until I’m caught up. And then probably just post the previous week every Monday. Or not — I’m open to suggestions!

If you still need your daily fix, you can keep following along on Instagram or check me out on Tumblr (if you’re into that kinda thing).

And if none of this is remotely interesting to you (it barely is to me), then just please come visit Designer Daddy often to look at the pretty superhero doodles. Cool?

WEEK 1: Aug 12 – Aug 16, 2013

Batman: 8.12.13

The Flash: 8.13.13

Aquaman: 8.14.13

Spider-Man: 8.15.13

Wonder Woman: 8.16.13

I started out pretty plain and simple. Wish I could go back to those early days… but these were so simple because a) I was in a rush, and b) these characters are already so familiar to me (and JJ) that they could be pared down to their most basic form. Plus, I’ve been drawing them since I was 6 or so.

Milestones: 1st heroine (Wonder Woman)

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