SuperLunchNotes: Fire Week!

In case you’re new here and wondering “WTF are ‘SuperLunchNotes?'” Well, my son started preschool last year, and every day I’ve put a note in his lunch bag featuring a doodle of a superhero. You can check a bunch more by visiting the SuperLunchNotes category on this site, or follow me on Instagram @SuperLunchNotes, where I post them daily!

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Welcome to FIRE WEEK!!!

WEEK 34: Mar 31 – Apr 4, 2014

Firestorm: 3.31.14
SuperLunchNotes - Firestorm - Fire Week

Human Torch: 4.1.14
SuperLunchNotes - Human Torch - Fire Week

Yup, it was Pajama Day at preschool. Twas a bit of a battle due to JJ’s favorite Spider-Man PJs having a hole in them and him having outgrown both his Batman and Superman PJs. He settled on some monsters, which after that morning seemed to suit him best anyway.

Starfire: 4.2.14
SuperLunchNotes - Starfire - Fire Week

Gotta say I love the Teen Titans Go! version of Starfire. It captures all of her alien-out-of-water personality and ditched the slutty costume. Most re-worked superhero costume ever? You be the judge.

Marshall: 4.3.14
SuperLunchNotes - Pup Patrol Marshall - Fire Week

Unless you have a preschooler of your own, you’re probably wondering who the heck “Marshall” is. He’s one of 6 pooches on Nick, Jr’s Paw Patrol. Think Pound Puppies meets The Village People. And JJ’s already requested I do all of them, so you’d better bone up on your Paw Patrol knowledge!

Godzilla: 4.4.14
SuperLunchNotes - Godzilla - Fire Week

Have you seen the new Godzilla movie trailer? While it looks pretty good, I’m skeptical. Though they’ll be hard pressed to make it suck more than the last version.

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