Baby Boombox: Music Soothes the Savage Ear Infection

JJ was under the weather again last week with something (probably an ear infection) that involved a low-grade fever, no appetite, and of course yakking. Poor little guy… I hate to see him like this. But truth be told, I revel in the extra cuddling time. Sorry if that makes me a sub-par parent, but I know the clinging to Daddy days are numbered so I’ll take ’em how I can get ’em.

In any event, the music selection was much mellower, and we were kicking it old school to Rockabye Baby’s Coldplay CD. We also had a couple of iLullaby sessions, dominated by selections from Alison Krauss — my favorites being her heart-wrenching duets with Robert Plant and Brad Paisley, “Please Read the Letter” and “Whiskey Lullaby,” respectively. Nothing like melancholy country songs about heartbreak and alcoholism to comfort a sickly toddler.

JJ’s all better now, and we’re back to be-bopping around the nursery… until the next malady.

Please share, dear readers, what are your favorite “sick baby” tunes?

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