DooDad of the Day: Rainbow Monkey Bandages!

A couple of nights ago, Jon Stewart did a bit on The Daily Show related to Andrew Weiner (shocker). He was making a cocktail and cut open his hand on a margarita glass while trying to shut off the blender… or something. It was a silly mess.

Anyhoo, last night Stewart showed up sporting this super fun monkey bandage covering a nasty set of stitches. How cute is a big blue monkey band-aid?!? JJ loves monkeys, so I checked ’em out.

Turns out they’re called RAINBOW MONKEY BANDAGES and come in every color of the (gay) rainbow — so hey, cool Pride accessory! They come packaged in a nifty tin along with a FREE PRIZE!

Unfortunately, they’re made by the same company that manufactures the equally cool-looking but utterly useless Monster Bandages. JJ received them as a gift, and while they also come in the nifty tin with the FREE PRIZE, they’re made of what feels like industrial-grade vinyl, don’t breathe at all, and stick like the dickens. So they’re good to patch a tire, but that’s about it. No way I’m pasting one of these things (monster or monkey) on my kiddo.

But if you’re in the market for a uniquely pointless gag gift, Archie McPhee seems to be the place to go. A quick search turns up Bacon Air Freshener, Absinthe Gumballs, Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, and coming soon… Finger Narwhals!

Archie McPhee’s site currently features a banner ad touting “Quality Father’s Day Gifts!” Umm, yeah. Stop back by here in a few days… I’m working on a gift list that the Daddies in your life — Designer or otherwise — will actually want.

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