Oh, the drama!

After Dame Liz’s passing, there were lots of photos of her looking like this:

But none looking like this, the role that won her 1 of her 2 Oscars:

Which got me thinking… JJ has recently been venturing into drama queen/temper tantrum/terrible twos territory (as evidenced by this photo). However, I want to come up with a better, more creative nickname for him other than “Drama Queen.”

So help me out movie fans — who’s your favorite Screen Drama Queen? I’m talking scene-stealing, dish-breaking, fit-throwing, over-the-top campiness. By nicknaming JJ after a melodramatic movie maven, I figure I can instill in him a valuable knowledge of classic cinema, while also giving him a complex. And — I admit — entertaining myself.

I’ll post the winning nickname(s) next Monday, April 18th.

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