New Year, New Children’s Books, New Giveaway!

New Year Children's Book Giveaway

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During the coldest, darkest part of winter, is there anything more satisfying than cuddling up with your youngster for a bedtime book? Regardless of the season, story time has always been one of my favorite parts of parenting… and of childhood. From Dr. Seuss to The Chronicles of Narnia and everything in between, the books I grew up on helped shape who I am. Similarly, I hope the books I read to my son will fill his childhood with happy memories and fill his mind with hopes, dreams, and maybe even a little wisdom.

I want to share my love of reading with you and your kids, so I’m giving away a bunch of new children’s books! Two winners will win three books each (see below for more details), all of which are sure to become classics in their own right!


Just leave a comment naming your favorite children’s book of all time. It can be your own favorite or that of your child. One entry per person, please.


Visit SuperLunchNotes on Instagram. I’ll be featuring a different character from children’s books every day this week. You can leave a comment each and every day for additional chances to win. Tag a friend in your comment to receive an additional entry!

Contest ends Friday, Jan 19 at midnight. Two (2) winners will be chosen at random and notified by email.

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New Year childrens books giveaway

The Giant of Jum

by Elli Woollard & Benji Davies
4 – 8 years / 1st – 2nd
32 pages    Henry Holt and Co

The Giant of Jum is feeling a bit munchy. “Fee!” he says, and “Fi!” he says, and “Fo!” he says and “Fum!” And off he goes, in search of a boy named Jack. On his hunt, he’ll meet children of all sorts. But before he can gobble them up, he finds himself waylaid by pleas for help. What’s a hungry giant to do?

Perfect for: practicing your giant voice

New Year childrens books giveaway

Snow Scene

by Richard Jackson & Laura Vaccaro Seeger
4 – 8 years / Preschool – 3rd
40 pages    Roaring Brook

A playful guessing game set in a snowy landscape, this gorgeously illustrated picture book offers a cozy look at a cold winter that slowly melts into a bright spring with only a handful of carefully chosen words.

Perfect for: cozy, cold winter nights


New Year childrens books giveaway

If Animals Said I Love You

by Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker
2 – 6 years / Preschool – 2nd
32 pages    Farrar, Straus and Giroux

If animals said “I love you” like we do…how would they say it? Whale would make bubbles shoot from her spout. Gorilla would snuggle his child to sleep. And across the animal kingdom, every creature would show love in a special way. A companion to the bestselling If Animals Kissed Good Night.

Perfect for: finding new ways to tell your kids you love them

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New Year childrens books giveaway

Little Sid

by Ian Lendler & Xanthe Bouma
4 – 8 years / Preschool – 3rd
40 pages    First Second

A heartwarming account of the childhood of the Buddha, as young Prince Siddhartha (Little Sid), sets off on a journey of discovery. Little Sid weaves traditional Buddhist fables into a classic new tale of mindfulness, the meaning of life, and an awakening that is as profound today as it was 2,500 years ago.

Perfect for: teaching selflessness; achieving pre-bedtime tranquility


New Year childrens books giveaway

Snow Beast Comes to Play

by Phil Gosier
3 – 6 years / Preschool – 1st
32 pages    Roaring Brook Press

Have you ever met a snow beast?
You would know if you had. They are nothing like us.
Snow beasts are LOUD.
Snow beasts are LARGE.
And snow beasts are more than a little clumsy.
But there is one thing you might have in common with a snow beast: sometimes they just want to make a friend.

Perfect for: warming up after snowman-building


New Year childrens books giveaway


by Ed Gailing & Erin E. Stead
3 – 6 years / Preschool – 1st
32 pages    Roaring Brook Press

Follow this simple, touching tale of a boy and his friendship with a horse, by the late poet Ed Galing and illustrated with remarkable tenderness by Caldecott-winning artist Erin Stead.

Perfect for: lulling your colts and fillys to sleep

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Don’t see anything that works for your family? Then share this with a relative, friend, teacher, or librarian!

Keep an eye out for more book giveaways in coming weeks and months, and be sure to visit and follow SuperLunchNotes on Instagram.

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