Quik, Make Me a Superhero!

Even if you’re a die-hard superhero fan, you’re probably sick of seeing Cap, Iron Man, Hulk & company plastered on everything from soda cartons to car commercials to to every talk show on every network ever. I love me some Avengers, but enough already — I just want to see the movie!

The only person possibly more excited than me is my 5-year-old. While he won’t be seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron until Daddy and Papa have had a chance to screen it, he knows he’ll get to eventually, and is certainly enjoying watching the trailers, as well as incorporating his favorite super team more frequently into make-believe play.

Speaking of make-believe play, Nesquik is one of the few products that’s making their Avengers promotion fun and interactive — not just slapping a photo of Thor on some chocolate milk — though that does seem to make it taste yummier…

nestle avengers

Check out this photo (slightly embellished by yours truly — hey, my name IS Designer Daddy) of my Mighty Avenger rocking the cool Captain America shield toy Nesquik sent us. It was a great way to “cap” off all the other costume items we already had, and turn Jon into Captain America, Jr.

We then sent the photo in to Nesquik and they created our very own custom container, which included spaces to write in all his super powers and other personality quirks.

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Want to make your own FREE personalized container? Does the Hulk wear purple britches?!? GO HERE!

Be sure and shoot me a photo of your container when it’s done, and I’ll post it to the Designer Daddy Facebook page. See you at the movies, and keep on playing!

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