DooDad of the Day: Nana Saver (But wait… there’s more!)

Apologies for the lack of blogishness. I’ve been attending to some money-making ventures (A.K.A., my actual job).

I’ve been meaning to post this DooDad forever, as it was one of my first purchases when JJ started edging into solid foods. Bananas are a baby staple, but babies being babies (they don’t eat as much as adults, are notoriously persnickety eaters) we were ending up with all kinds of nasty, mushy, half-eaten nanners. So I Googled “banana saver” and found this wondrous device:

The Nana Saver, on actual banana.
…and here’s how to use it. LOVE the porn star French nails.

You can (like everything else on the planet) purchase it on Amazon. But I always like to check out the actual companies that make these things. And boy did I hit a motherlode of DooDads…

They’re made by a company called Evriholder — just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? But what their company name lacks in catchiness, they more than make up for with their products. A quick search under the Kitchen category alone reveals such awesomely-named products as the Bacon Genie, Berry Sack, Glam Gloves and Ketchup Kritter. I’m not sure what all these do, but who cares?!?

I then headed over to the Licensed Products aisle, and discovered even more gems, several of which leave me baffled as to how I ever lived without them. My favorites being:

…Crayola thermoses…
…the Wonder Bread De-Cruster…
…and what I’m calling The Poptart Attaché. Genius!

Good thing Father’s Day is just around the corner… So what’s your favorite kitchen DooDad?

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