MIM: The second life of socks

A couple of months ago I was going through JJ’s clothes to see what didn’t fit any longer (an almost weekly activity), dividing things into three piles: nice enough to sell on consignment, okay to take to Goodwill, or chuck it.

This particular session I ended up with a rather substantial pile of socks. Not suitable for consignment, and too darn precious to throw away, My Inner Martha (MIM) chimed in… “Hold on to them! I’m sure you can find a creative use for these down the road!” I’m not sure what MIM thought I might craft from a dozen pairs of baby socks — Finger puppets? A gigantic pot holder? Barbie tube tops? (Hey, that’s actually a good one…) In any event, there they sat, on my desk, for weeks on end…

Then one day in late November we were frantically packing for a trip to visit relatives. We were flying (during the Thanksgiving holiday, no less. NEVER AGAIN.) and wanted to make sure we had plenty of food for JJ in case we were delayed or stranded. As I stared at the disturbing amount of crap packed into our suitcases, I was particularly concerned about the half dozen loose baby food jars scattered amongst the clothes. Then I remembered my pile of future Barbie tops… and voilà!

Tucked snugly inside their own little sweaters, the baby food made it safely (and in style) to our destination  — and the socks lived to serve another purpose!

However, I only used 3 pair of the dozen+ pairs I had. Does anyone have a crafty (or just useful) suggestion for further reincarnation? Other than trashy Barbie clothes?

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