JJ’s first birthday: 1 singluar sensation!

What can I say, I’m an over-achieving Designer Daddy (and Broadway fan)…
Plus, as a client I’m pretty lenient on creative freedom and budget — especially when it comes to JJ-related projects. So I pulled out all the stops on his first birthday party invitation, having a custom die made (which necessitated offset printing, as opposed to the vastly less-expensive digital option) and applying all the fun doodads by hand. As a way to justify some of the printing expense, I purchased the die, with grand hopes of designing/printing/selling “#1” cards sometime in the future. Advance orders, anyone?

I imagine some of the invitees reading this post are thinking “Wait, I don’t remember any buttons or googly eyes on my invitation…” Let’s just say my Creative Aspirations were much greater than my 41 Year-Old Dad of a 1 Year-Old Energy Levels. Having to finish these last minute and late at night, I added the trinkets to a few invitations, and then quickly ran out of steam. So my apologies to those who just got the “plain” invitations. (Big props to G Street Fabrics for letting me return a substantial pile of buttons and snaps!)

BONUS: Thank You! card
These I did print digitally, showcasing JJ’s version of the iconic “Birthday Cake All Over the Face” shot. I now truly feel like the father of a one year-old.

(PS: The shot on the Thank You card occurred just before the “Rubbing the Cake in the Eyes” shot, promptly followed by the “Screaming in Pain” shot. Those will not be turned into stationery.)

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