How I Met Your Father

A couple of days ago, The Huffington Post published a call for submissions — they were looking for stories of how parents met their significant other, but as if told to their children (a la How I Met Your Mother).

And since they only wanted a paragraph, you lucked out. Us old timers can get a bit long-winded. So my dearest JJ, below is The Story of How I Met Your Father

Daddy & Papa, circa 1997

Hey buddy. You’ve heard some wedding talk lately, so I thought I’d tell you a little more about how me and your Papa met.

It was 16 years ago, and your dear old Daddy was dating someone else, but he wasn’t very happy. This person sent out an email to all his friends announcing a new email address. He failed to do something called “BCC,” so everyone saw everyone’s email address and everyone emailed everyone else to say hello, share photos, etc. This was many, many years before Facebook. It was an ancient form of communication called “AOL.”

One of the people who sent a photo was Papa. I saw it and thought he looked very handsome, so I said hello through an email. And then over the phone. And then I said goodbye to this other guy, and said hello to your Papa in person. I fell in love with him that very first time we met, and have never stopped loving him since.

I can’t wait until April when you get to see us finally get married. Why did we wait 16 years to get married? Partly because it wasn’t legal for Daddies and Papas to marry until just a little while ago. And partly because we wanted to wait for you.


Daddy, Papa, JJ & Cordi, 2013

You can read all the lovely love stories on Huffington Post Parents. And please, share your own story in the comments below!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
{Hugs} + #Hashtags,
Designer Daddy

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Both photos were taken by my former neighbor and longtime friend, David King. You can view bunches and bunches of his great photos over on his Flickr account.



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