Happy F-ing Father’s Day!

I’m sure you’ve heard of this book by now. If not, do yourself a favor and download the free audio book, narrated by the loquacious Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, it’s a real book. No, it’s not to be read to your children — it just looks like it. Therein lies all the therapeutic, cathartic fun. And I’m sure it’s no coincidence it came out just a few days before Father’s Day…

And while no one beats Sam Jackson when it comes to dropping F-bombs, I still prefer the original version that first appeared on the internet. He sounds like a real father, the desperation in his voice quite genuine…


Aside from having to field lots of angry calls and emails from uppity parenting experts with no sense of humor, I’m sure the author is enjoying all the buzz this book has garnered, and is already thinking sequels. Shall we help him out with some ideas? How about:

Go Brush Your G*dd*amn Teeth

You Liked This Yesterday… Eat It, You Little A**hole

Sh*t Goes in the Potty, Please

I’m sure you more experienced parents have lots of other titles to share…

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