Getting Crafty with Christmas Cards

I’ll admit right up front that I don’t know if I came up with this idea or if I got it from Martha. But I’ve been doing it for the last seven or eight years, so let’s just say I invented it… cool?

The problem: how to display your Holiday cards in a fun and festive manner that doesn’t clutter up your already immaculately decorated (or overly-tchotchkied) home. Most design magazines and sites offer solutions for this, but they only look good if you get about 5 cards.

The solution: Door Decor!

Quick & easy way to display Christmas cards!

Supplies needed:
– 2″ wide ribbon, 25-28 feet long
– thumbtacks or staple gun
– jingle bells or non-breakable ornaments (4)
– paper clips

1. To measure how much you’ll need, roll the ribbon up one side and down the other of the door you plan to use. Allow for a few extra inches at each end to attach the bell or ornament.
2. Tie bell or ornament to each end of the ribbon — this helps weigh the ribbon down until it’s covered in cards.
3. Drape ribbon over the door and tack or staple on top of door.
4. Attach cards to ribbon with paper clips. There are a huge variety of paper clips these days: round, star shaped, colored. But plain old silver works just fine, too.

Quick & easy way to display Christmas cards!

I used to put bells at the bottom, which made for a nice jingle every time we opened or closed the door. But with a sleeping baby toddler nearby we replaced them with quieter (but more sparkly!) snowflake ornaments.

Quick & easy way to display Christmas cards!

I’d recommend a door that doesn’t get a ton of use (so not the front door). We used the one to our upstairs, which stays closed when JJ’s awake and open when he’s in bed. So we put the cards with photos of kids and animals on the side he sees more often.

Quick & easy way to display Christmas cards!

Feel free to share in the comments any card-displaying ideas you’ve found helpful.

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