Free time = panic!

We’ve got lots going on this coming holiday weekend… Pool time with Guncle Ira, BBQ with Guncles Mike & Frank, and shopping for a suit for JJ for Uncle Pancake’s wedding. Unfortunately JJ’s not the ring bearer — those duties have been bestowed upon Cousin Keylon, who’s had a few more years of practice walking in a straight line and not stopping to fall down, poop in his pants, or go in the opposite direction. So there’s extra pressure for JJ to be the Cutest Nephew at the Wedding. Anyone know where to get a seersucker suit for a toddler?

In addition to all this, Gramms is coming to visit Saturday morning. She’s been jonesing for some JJ time, so will be watching him while Papa does some yard work and I…well I don’t know.  I can’t remember the last time I had four whole hours of free time, especially on a weekend. AND THAT’S WHAT’S MAKING ME PANIC.

I’m certainly tempted to look at my monstrous To Do list, but I fear that I’ll become paralyzed by the sheer length of it and end up not getting anything done. Another option is to just play on the computer all morning — organizing my iPhoto library, doing time sheets, learning new Gaga lyrics, …blogging, perhaps? Nah.

What I’d REALLY like to do it take full advantage of this rare opportunity and do something fun and meaningful… for myself.

So come on folks (especially you wiser, more-experienced parents), hit me up with some ideas! Best suggestion (whether I do it or not) gets my eternal gratitude, as well as a free DD tee shirt!*

* These have yet to be designed, but it’s an eventual goal, and by promising to give one away it will motivate me. No, seriously. I promise.

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