It’s an early Christmas miracle!

While we were waiting for JJ to be born, we took many, many trips to our local mall. There were a couple of sweet parking spots just off the Target entrance, that until recently read “Parking for Expectant Mothers.” While I definitely felt expectant, I just couldn’t bring myself to take the spot from some poor woman in her 8th month who needed to wobble quickly in for last minute baby supplies.

Recently, however, I noticed the signs had been wondrously transformed to what you see below (special effects squiggles added). I’d seen similar parking at IKEA, but trips there have become less frequent with age (my days of constructing my own furniture are hopefully behind me). But to see this super-special designation somewhere that I actually shop? It’s a Christmas miracle!

Though this begs the question… what constitutes “small” children? Two years – same as airplanes? As long as there’s a stroller involved? Until they themselves can drive? I need to know how long I can drag my son along to get these primo spaces!

What do you think? And where have you seen similar parking signs?

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