DooDad of the Day/Birthday Booty: Sip N Spell

JJ pulled in quite a haul at his 2nd birthday party last weekend, and in sorting through all the booty I thought it would be fun to feature a few of them as DooDads of the Day.

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There are two reasons I’m featuring these awesome little sippy cups: 1) because they’re nutritional and educational, and 2) because they’re made by a company called “Sugar Booger,” a nickname my Mom used to use, and now I use on occasion for both JJ and Cordi (our pooch).

The only downside to the cups is that JJ — who’s in the process of mastering the alphabet — likes to turn the cup around and upside down to read all the letters, invariably dropping the cup. And being made of melamine, it makes quite a big noise (for such a small cup) when bouncing off the floor!

Sugar Booger also makes matching bibs, tablecloths and silverware, as well as a whole lot of other fun stuff through their parent company ORE Originals. Cheers!

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