Doo-Dad of the Day: Rocking Sheep

Self-described designer/woodworker/craftsman/new father Max Tyrie contacted me recently in hopes I’d give him a shout-out on my little bloggety-blog. I’ve been getting more and more of these kinds of requests, many of which are either unrelated to anything I blog about or just plane lame.

However, these Rocking Sheep (inspired by Danish designer Povl Kjer) are baaa-dorable!

Max creates them in his Los Angeles workshop from Baltic birch plywood, reclaimed scrap wood and real sheepskin.* Go visit his site, read up on additional details, and buy a sheep to support this independent craftsman and fellow designer dad!

Oh yeah, and here’s his test rocker/model, 18-month old daughter Rosie (also baaa-dorable):

*I asked Max about the origin of the sheepskin, and here’s his reply: My Father-In-Law was a sheep farmer in the north of England for many years. He told me the sheepskins were of very little value, and his lambs were slaughtered solely for their meat. So hopefully that would imply that it wouldn’t be cost effective to slaughter a lamb JUST for its skin, and that these skins are a by product of the slaughtering process, and not the main reason for their death.

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