Doo-Dad of the Day: Robot Snack Sac!

Another out-of-this-world deal from Zulily (a site I’ve had to avoid since the holidays — it’s as addictive as crack, and way cuter) in the form of this far out Robot Snack Sac. Touted as a lunch tote, I can also see it filled with all kinds of non-edible goodies for long car rides or trips to the mall, where a satchel full of distracting entertaining educational toys would come in handy. Perhaps these equally awesome wind-up robots Santa gave JJ for Christmas?

Smiling wide and fully insulated, Mr. Roboto measures 7″ x 11″ and comes with 12 of something called “Sweet Notes”, which I assume are little note cards you can leave for your kid to let them know they’re loved and cherished. A little cloying for my tastes — besides, they will know how awesome you think they are when you give them this to carry around. Domo!

Available in a whole slew of other styles (doggy, horsey, monkey, sharky!), Zulily has them on sale ($9.99 – $15.99, normally $16 – $26) until January 27. Otherwise, you can buy them direct from Stephen Joseph, where they have a bazillion other varieties to choose from.

But do they come in adult sizes?

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