When designer daddies go too far

Emerson House "dollhouse" from Brinca Dada

Like any other aesthetically-minded parent, I’m distraught by the mountains of primary-colored plastic toys that are amassing in our house. And I appreciate the effort New York-based Brinca Dada puts forth to create something stylish and creative for baby to play with. But seriously — this is a bit much.

I guess I could see a child playing with these “dollhouses”… if parents didn’t mind their child getting a few gaping head wounds from the modernist architectural corners. And if there were no other color in the child’s life — but what child doesn’t love earth tones? And don’t get me started on the dolls themselves. Yikes.

Brinca Dada does state on their website that the Emerson House is age-graded 13+. However, the above photo (pulled from their Facebook page) sends a different message. I think it’s time for these Dadas to take it down a notch.

(P.S. I can’t believe this hasn’t ended up on Unhappy Hipsters yet.)

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