DaddyDJ: Don’t worry baby

I know JJ will at some point go through a phase of demanding round-the-clock, über-annoying kiddie music. So I figured I should inundate him with as much real music as possible while I still have some say over what goes into his little ears.

This week we’ve been jamming to The Beach Boys, specifically Sounds of Summer – The Very Best of The Beach Boys. It’s been a great way to stave off the cold, dreary weather. And while there’s some cheesy later-years filler (cover of “Rock & Roll Music”, “Getcha Back”) the CD offers a good mix of upbeat songs and mellower, getting-ready-for-bed music. There’s just nothing cuter than seeing JJ bouncing up and down in his crib to surf rock. Fun, Fun, Fun, indeed.

What “adult” music did you foist on your kids when they were little?

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