My Twinn: Creepiest. Dolls. Ever.

My Twinn dolls: The extra “N” is for “Narcissism”

My Twinn Doll
The Overachiever

I stumbled across this doll company yesterday, and while I normally try to keep things positive here, it skeeved me out so much I had to share. My Twinn goes to great (and creepy) lengths to custom-make a doll that looks identical to your daughter (boy dolls must be special ordered). Not only do you choose hair, eye and skin color, but you’re also required to send in a picture so they can get every detail, every freckle correct. Ick.

My Twinn Doll
The Ritalin
My Twinn Doll
The Stepford
My Twinn Doll
The Ginger Devil

Aside from the weirdness of it all, the whole concept boggles my mind. Do little girls actually like having a doll that looks exactly like them? And even if they do, is that okay? Maybe I’m too worried about it reinforcing narcissism in young girls. Or maybe it’s the Stepford-meets-JonBenet-meets-Chucky vibe the photos have. Either way, it seems a bit much.

I even visited the company’s (now defunct) Facebook page, where the true target market for My Twinn dolls is revealed — doll collectors. Many of those posting comments have dolls as their profile picture. One in particular shows a doll with a brunette bob and a red letterman’s jacket that reads “Dollinquent” on the back. Scary stuff.

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UPDATE: My Twinn has since gone out of business, but you can read all about their history here, and see a collection of catalog covers here. I’m particularly intrigued by the section titled, “The Invasion of the Eighteen-Inchers.”

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