DooDad of the Day: Crabby baby?

I stumbled upon this multi-tasking marvel while visiting family over Thanksgiving. We were poking around this cute-as-a-button store (Ollie’s Gift Shop, they also make their own fudge!), saw this and thought “Our ‘lil Maryland boy should have this!” It wasn’t until we were home unpacking that I noticed not only was it the most adorable sippy cup in the world, but the bottom screwed off to hold snacks! How awesome is that?!?

Unfortunately JJ’s still working on his straw-drinking skills, so for now it’s in the pile of “Cute Stuff We Bought Knowing JJ Wasn’t Ready For Yet, But It Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Find.” This pile is very large. Come summertime, though, he will be sipping juice and munching Cheerios in style at his very first crab feast!

The “Crab Sip N’ Munch” can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Mud Pie, which has several other styles, including a version with baby’s initial (as long as it’s one of the 14 letters they offer… huh?) Only downside — the fabric lining of the cup has to be removed before washing. Bottom’s up!

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