Pre-DD: Collage kids!

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One of my all-time favorite jobs was a group of collage/illustration thingies. They were for a guidebook promoting health insurance for schoolchildren, produced by the Departments of Education, Agriculture, and Health & Human Services. You’d think with that trifecta of bureaucracy there’d be a gigantic budget. Alas, sometimes the more government organizations involved, the smaller the budget. But not having a big budget forced me to be more creative, as well as thrifty.

The client clients requested the design represent  kids K-12, as well as communicate both education and health care. So using cut paper, found objects, some stock photography and my trusty Sharpie, I came up with the fun bunch you see here. I think my favorite is Protractor Smile/Paper Clip Hair Boy (the simplest solution is often the best). But Cotton Ball Beehive/CD Earring Girl (inspired by Cindy Wilson of The B-52’s) is a close second.

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Full layout after the jump…

Here’s the finished product in the layout (below). This was one of those great projects where I got to stretch my conceptualizing muscles and have fun. I guess when kids are involved (either as subject matter or audience) that shouldn’t be too surprising!

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