The 12 Days of Christmas Past: Day 2

Lately we’ve been using Santa’s naughty/nice list (and the above song) to motivate JJ to niceness (hey, whatever works) — which reminded me of this blast from the past…

Day two of my journey through Christmas cards past brings me to a one that proved quite popular… and delicious! The card was 2-sided, so depending on how you opened it you got either a “naughty” or a “nice” message.

Interior greeting: "sinfully sensational seasons greetings"
Interior greeting: "happily heartfelt holiday wishes"

The delicious part came into play with the accompanying candy I gave to clients. I designed an insert with dueling naughty/nice messages (see below) which separated the “nice” green spearmints from the “naughty” cinnamon candy, all packaged in a hot pink (or green) box.

Recipients enjoyed the “interactive” nature of the card, and wondered which attribute I had intended for them (I’ll never tell). And who doesn’t love candy?!? The idea was to give something fun, but also useful in an everyday (not just Christmas) setting. Months later several clients were still using the box as a candy dish, so mission accomplished!

I’m thinking we might need to set up one of these boxes and fill up the “nice” side with gummies or something, then move a piece to the “naughty” side every time a certain 3 year-old throws a fit. Hmmm… on second thought, those boxes are rather sharp and I envision one being chucked across the room at me after moving someone’s candy. You better watch out, indeed.

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