DJ Cheetos in Da House

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten full-on, down-and-dirty, non-work-related crafty. But when I heard about this contest being held by Life of Dad, wherein you had to create art from Cheetos, my interest was peaked. When I found out the winner received an all-expenses paid trip to Dad 2.0 Summit (the King of all Dad Blogging conferences) I got my CHEESE ON.

A dad what-now conference? You see, I had a lot of fun the first year or so of Designer Daddy. Alas, then my energy/interest/well of ideas started to dry up. Serendipitously, I got hooked up with a group of Dad Bloggers on Facebook, and energy/interest/ideas were renewed and energized. Yes, it’s sometimes a time-waster (What on the internet isn’t? Except for this site, natch.) and obviously a sounding board for blogging ideas. Yet the group has also been an online drum circle, bar crawl and bitch session rolled into one.

All that to say, it would be awesome to attend Dad 2.0 Summit next year, to meet some of these men in person and get even more psyched about writing, networking, parenting, and all-around man-bonding. Plus Cheetos!

Here’s my Cheetos Mix-Ups offering…

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My creative process: I thought about “Mix-Ups” and that led to “mixing it up” which led to drinking a cocktail, which then led to an old school, party time DJ MIX TABLE! And yes, those are crushed Cheetos (the puffy variety) as the “background.”

I withheld from munching as much as I could, but I made the mistake of working on this during my lunch break. I’m still a sucka for the old skool hard, crunchy cheddar flava, however the ‘lil Parmesan tater tot-looking ones were yummy as well.

And good lord, the aroma! I nearly tripped over the dog a couple of times, as she was stalking me like a cheetah, waiting for a single crumb to drop.

I was also cranking this out as quick as I could while JJ was away visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Luckily I finished up and got the photo taken when I did, because they showed up an hour earlier than planned. JJ walked into the kitchen and saw this monstrosity on the table, small piles of Cheetos and crumbs on every counter top, a whole mess of orange-stained paper towels and was THIS close to ripping the place apart from his instant cheese dust contact high. Fortunately I was able to swoop in and clean up before too much damage was done.

By the way, this isn’t a whore yourself out for votes contest (Cheetos is choosing), but please still share/like/munch my masterpiece if you’d like! Winner to be announced in the next couple of weeks. Cheetos crossed!

Be sure and check out all of the other fun and creative entries. Share your (second) favorite in the comments!

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