Captionpalooza 2011: The Winners!

At long, long, LONG last, here are my top pics for each photo from Captionpalooza 2011. Thanks again to all who participated — I’m honored to have such creative (and sarcastic) readers!

Photo 1 winner: Ryan W

No officer, I don’t know what happened to Papa Smurf.

Photo 2 winner: Lisa

You can deliver the keg anytime after 9pm...They should be asleep by then.

Photo 3 winner: James T. Rhodes

How can I get these two things AND that water thing back inside the house?

Photo 4 winner: Sherman

“Cheese!” Now tie my big shoe!

Photo 5 winner: Noah Moore-Goad

It’s so... White! Does it come in Reef?

Photo 6 winner: Lisa

No I will not go to bed! I am not tired and I need to finish the trip through the digestive system!

Photo 7 winner: no submissions, only comments about how cute JJ is. So I vote myself the winner!

OMG OMG OMG! I am peeing SO much right now!

Photo 8 winner: again, only gushing over JJ’s cuteness, so another DD original.

Am I sleeping or am I pooping? Yes.

Photo 9 winner: Sandra Ramos

There's no Internet in this tube!

So do you have a favorite of the favorites? And again — many, many thanks for your submissions and comments. Keep them coming, any time. See you for Captionpalooza 2012!

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