DooDad of the Day: Baby Tattoos!

Wondering how to keep track of wayward children during that last trip to the water park? Looking for something hip and sassy to replace the boring name-pinned-to-your-coat for toddler’s first day of preschool?

Look no further… It’s SafetyTat!

Wow, what will they think of next? Seriously. These temporary tattoos come custom printed, as write-on tats, design-your-own, and even versions for adults suffering from Alzheimer’s or severe food allergies. And for those tech-savvy über-parents, new QR tats! Seems a little Orwellian to me… but pretty ingenious.

Additional suggested use: I doubt SafetyTat will ever market them this way, but don’t we all have an “adult” friend who frequently gets lost on their way home from a party? Or wakes up not knowing their own name?


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