Advent In An Hour: Dec 6

Today’s Advent drawing celebrates the birthday of my brother, Bryan. My first instinct was to illustrate something musical and Christmassy, but that was too easy. And expected. While I still get chills up my spine every time I hear him sing, there’s more too him than that. There’s his generosity. His compassion. And of course his flair for the dramatic. He’s spent his whole life being compared to me (both in appearance and personality), but he’s surpassed me in many of the ways we’re similar (especially the dramatic flair part) and completely come into his own.

One example? I can doodle til the cows sheep come home, and even sing okay from time-to-time. But I’ll never be able to do this… CLICK ME PLEASE.

Oh yeah, what’s up with the sheep, you ask? I could tell you that it represents how Bryan sees himself as the black sheep, but that he’s really more a sheep of a different color, bringing inspiration and zest to our sometimes white bread family. But nah — you’ll have to ask him about the sheep. 🙂

Sorry B3, this post can’t be all nice — I am still your big brother after all. Happy Birthday! xoxox B1

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