Advent In An Hour: Dec 5

Woohoo, I’m caught up again! Today’s doodle is in honor of the upcoming Holiday concert of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington (of which I’m a member). It’s called “Red & Greene” and features a whole stocking stuffed full of Christmas classics, some campy confections, and several numbers accompanying our special guest, Ellen Greene! (hence the extra “E”…)

To refresh your memory (or perish the though, introduce you) Ms. Greene is most well known for starring in both the Broadway and film versions of Little Shop of Horrors, as well as being a cast member of Pushing Daisies and a guest spot as Syler’s ill-fated mother on Heroes. I saw the Little Shop film when it came out, and she’s always been my favorite part – with her distinctive voice that alternates seamlessly between quirky and powerhouse. Check her out singing “Suddenly, Seymour.” The powerhouse kicks in around the 1:50 mark.

And here’s a snippet from last night’s rehearsal, which she graciously attended even though the show’s not for another 2 weeks. How cool is that?!?

By the way, the show’s logo (below) was created by yours truly. I’m gonna do my best to get her to sign my program — fingers crossed! 🙂

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