Advent In An Hour: Dec 25

Thanks for following along on my little Advent project! It’s been a fun (though sometimes stressful) exercise in flexing my creative muscles. These daily doodles have also surprised me in that they caused me to reflect on various aspects of the Holidays I’ve either come to take for granted or failed to notice at all.

But I’m done reflecting and exercising and doodling for now. I’m taking a blogfast for today, and pushing the off button on my laptop to make a concentrated effort to be present and engaged with JJ, Papa, Cordi, Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Baby and Amy, Uncle Bryan and Tio Danny. I encourage you to do the same and unplug whatever regularly distracts you from real life and the real folks around you.

But be sure and come back and post a comment on how it went. 🙂

Again, thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

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