Advent In An Hour: Dec 22

Some of the most fun I’ve had over the last 10 years — both professionally and personally — has been designing my own Holiday cards. They’ve allowed me complete creative freedom, as well as the challenge of creating something to both promote my business and send personal greetings. Maybe someday I’ll show them all off here…

However, this was the first year I sent an e-card for my business in addition to a printed personal card. And with all of the bad news the postal service is getting lately, I hope I didn’t contribute to their demise too much.

I was very pleased with my inaugural e-card, as well as one I did for one of my clients. I felt like I was the director of a mini movie – coordinating the colors, shapes, motion and music to form a quick, yet engaging online card.

While the e-cards were a blast to make, I doubt I’ll ever stop designing and sending printed cards altogether. In addition to being a creative outlet for me, it’s a way to feel more personally connected with the recipients.

It’s so easy nowadays to “connect” with someone anywhere in the world, whether it’s with a call, email, text, tweet, post, like or poke. So the process of choosing/creating a card, writing a message (at least sign the inside… unsigned Christmas cards are as impersonal as any e-card, if not more), putting it in an envelope, addressing and stamping it, then putting it in the mail seems over-the-top in comparison. It becomes more than a chore or a tradition, but a true gesture.

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