Advent In An Hour: Dec 18

Here’s my (hopefully) last retroactive Advent doodle, inspired by another of the songs I performed with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington last weekend at our annual holiday concert.

Our big finale was a medley called Winter Party, which consisted of the following:
1. The full chorus singing “Winter Nights,” composed by one of our own choristers;
2. “White Christmas” was sung while another member performed a ballet (pas de un?) I admit I’m not a ballet aficionado, but this guy was lovely to watch;
3. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, complete with a gaggle dancers in shiny booty shorts, one emerging from a furry, white egg;
4. and concluding with “Winter Wonderland,” which served to serenade a parade of increasingly over-the-top, glittery, feathery, snowy showboys. It was a sight to behold.

While I readily admit not every song or show we perform is my cup of tea (I still don’t get the “Born This Way” connection to Christmas*) I’m always amazed the quality, variety and originality of our performances.

And what makes GMCW great is illustrated in today’s doodle… While we share a love of music (oh yeah, and the gay thing) we are as disparate as any community you’ll find, each their own distinct little snowflake. But when all 250+ of us come together, it’s quite the singular sensation…

*I still think we should have had a dancing Baby Jesus emerge from the snowy Gaga egg, since the song is called “Born This Way.” But that’s just the rebellious preacher’s kid in me stirring up trouble.

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