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Creativity informs, fuels, and inspires every aspect of my life. Whether it’s my 10+ years as a blogger, 12 years as a dad, nearly three decades as a graphic designer and illustrator, or a lifetime of doodling, I approach everything with the question, “How can I make this more informative, beautiful, meaningful, or fun?”

This blog is home to my obsessions with pop culture and superheroes, the occasional crafting project, and my adventures being the gay dad of an adopted son. My writing and graphics have also appeared on Parents,, Huffington Post, and Babble. I’ve been a speaker and panelist at Mom 2.0 Summit, Dad 2.0 Summit, HomeDadCon, and on numerous podcasts; and I’ve been honored as a BlogHer Voices of the Year and am a three time Iris Award winner.

Much of my online work also focuses on the LGBTQ community, our families, and our struggle for equality and visibility. And as part of a two-dad family, the way fathers are portrayed in advertising and media — and how they’re viewed in society — is also of great importance to me.

You may have also heard of SuperLunchNotes, the notes I put in my son’s lunchbox every day. They’ve received press from BuzzFeed, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and a myriad of other news sites and blogs. Read more about the hubbub, or see all the notes on Instagram.

My dream for many years has been to write and illustrate children’s books for kids with same-sex parents — and really, for any family wanting to teach their children about our wonderfully diverse world. While there are some great books that speak to and represent this growing number of families, they are still few and far between. In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my illustration and design work at

Media kit available upon request.

Designer Daddy Best of 2015 - Super Lunch Notes

Designer Daddy & family, Halloween adventures!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you laugh a lot, cry a little, get inspired on occasion, get pissed off from time-to-time. And if not, drop me a line and tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong.

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Brent Almond, Designer Daddy
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