So what’s a Designer Daddy?

Brent Almond is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, doing business as Design Nut since 2002. Three years ago he and his husband (AKA Papa) adopted their son JJ, and on his 1st birthday debuted Designer Daddy (you are here), where Brent blogs about the following random, largely unrelated topics:

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Thanks ever so much for stopping by! I hope you laugh a lot, cry a little, get inspired on occasion, get pissed off from time-to-time. And if not, drop me a line and tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong.

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Designer Daddy
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(PS: I don’t like to label myself “PR Friendly” but I do like to get free stuff and am happy to write glowing reviews about those free things that actually glow. I’m a designer and I’m kinda picky — you’ve been warned.)