Happy Halloweenie!

October 31, 2012 | By Brent Almond | DESIGN STUFF

This photo was sent to me by awesome moms Holly and Carrie of their boys Zeke and David, sporting their Halloweenie tee shirts in front of a pumpkin patch. Way to get into the spirit, and thanks for being such great fans!

And oh yeah, you can get these shirts (plus a bushel more styles) at the Designer Daddy Store. Have a Happy, Happenin’ Halloween everyone!

What’s the Buzz? A New Halloweenie Tee!

October 24, 2012 | By Brent Almond | DESIGN STUFF

I had originally intended* to do a whole new line of Halloweenie’s tee shirts for the DD Store, but once again reality bit a big, bloody chunk out of my grand scheme. However, I did manage to squeeze out one little doozie of a doodle just in time for the horrific holiday…**

Beware the ZomBee!

The Undead Insect! The Eater of Brainzzz! BEElzebub!

Below are a couple of different shirt styles, some come with “ZomBee” and some without, each in several colors. There are short and long sleeve tees for kids and adults, and even onesies! Please buy many, many of these — tell your friends, create some buzz — all proceeds go to the JJ College Fund!

And of course, all your old favorites are still available, too! So flit on over to the store and stock your hive with unBeelievably awesome… Sorry, I got out of hand with the bee puns. Just please buy my shirts. Thank you.

*It’s amazing how many of my posts these days start, “I had originally intended to…” or a variation on the theme.

**Also excellent attire while viewing The Walking Dead, currently on AMC.

DDQ&A: Steve Spatucci

June 24, 2012 | By Brent Almond | DESIGN STUFF

I was introduced to Mr. Spatucci by Rob Kelley (AKA: Keeper of The Aquaman Shrine), who noticed I was profiling various designer dads and thought his friend Steve would be a good guy to blog about. Hailing from the great state of New Jersey, Steve is a fellow comic book fan nerd and an awesome illustrator! He also has a darn-tootin’ cutie of a son. (Ask him to see pictures—he posts them weekly!)

Q&A with designer dad Steve Spatucci

Tell me briefly about your design business: how long in business, what kinds of clients you have and/or work you specialize in.
I started doing freelance illustration back in the early 90’s, after I’d graduated from college. In those pre-Internet days, I’d do sample black and white illustrations, which I’d make into little photocopied booklets. I’d look through magazines, local newspapers and publishers at Borders and Barnes & Noble, compiling my own contact list, then I’d mail the books out. My first professional job came from one of those mailings. The art director for a gem and jewelry magazine, Lapidary Journal, liked my style and hired me for an editorial illustration. I wound up working for them off and on for almost ten more years.

I got a website up in 1997, and started doing more freelance design (mostly for print) and logo work as well as illustration. As Flash developed, I started using it for animation, and by the early 2000’s I’d learned to program in ActionScript and started developing games and interactive demos. I also started doing more website design. I incorporated my business, Plasmic Studio L.L.C., in 2003. I continue to do all of those things – design for print and web, identity, illustration, animation, online demos and game development. I’ve also done voiceover work, music composition, video editing and writing. I love the variety of work, and I really love a project that lets me incorporate those multiple disciplines. I do a lot of work for startups now, but some work also comes from larger, more established businesses that might need an updated identity, an interactive demo or some other type of creative project.


My Twinn: Creepiest. Dolls. Ever.

February 18, 2011 | By Brent Almond | POP CULTURE

My Twinn dolls: The extra “N” is for “Narcissism”

My Twinn Doll

The Overachiever

I stumbled across this doll company yesterday, and while I normally try to keep things positive here, it skeeved me out so much I had to share. My Twinn goes to great (and creepy) lengths to custom-make a doll that looks identical to your daughter (boy dolls must be special ordered). Not only do you choose hair, eye and skin color, but you’re also required to send in a picture so they can get every detail, every freckle correct. Ick.


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