A Good Enough Parent

April 4, 2017 | By Brent Almond | DAD STUFF, LESSONS LEARNED

good enough parent

I don’t do a lot of memes, and I dole out parenting advice even less frequently. But this is a message I’ve had drilled into my head by therapist, friend, and husband alike, so I thought if I made it into a pretty graphic I might believe it more. And that it might help some other parent believe it, too.

Also, feel free to totally ignore this “advice” about being a “good enough parent” — because, you know, it’s on the internet.

Stay strong, be well, talk soon.







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2 responses to “A Good Enough Parent”

  1. Mark-Anthony says:

    Hey Brent,
    I’m a soon to be dad, well hopefully. I just googled Daddy Blogs and came up on yours. Hoping to see hear more insight from your other posts. Appreciate you putting out the word on the daddy world.

  2. Love this! Very refreshing to hear this message. I just wrote a post about good dad lessons we can learn from none other than Darth Vader! Check it out: http://electricbeachentertainment.com/3-reasons-darth-vader-good-father/

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