Dad Brag: The Eye of the Tiny Tiger

March 22, 2015 | By Brent Almond | DAD STUFF

Though I don’t dump much of it here, a lot of what I feel and think about my parenting lately tends to be whiny, worrisome and negative. In an effort to counteract that ā€” both in myself and in my attitudes toward my son ā€” I’m making a concerted effort to focus on the positive, particularly what makes me proud.

My inaugural Dad Brag is about Jon’s adventures in Taekwondo. About a year ago we attended a classmate’s birthday party at a local martial arts studio, and it should have come as no surprise that our energetic then 4-year-old took to it like a duck to Kung Fu.

We enrolled him in the Tiny Tigers class a few months later, and have since watched him flourish under the unimaginably patient tutelage of the instructors. You can feel the energy pouring off of him as he runs laps at the start of class, a telltale sparkle in his eye. And nothing warms my heart more than him completing a task successfully, turning back towards me and giving me a thumbs up, awaiting my reciprocation.

dad brag taekwondo

I take him on Thursday nights, Papa takes him on Saturday mornings, and at the end of January he graduated to Little Dragons ā€” now sporting a cool cammo-patterned white belt as he learns alongside a group mostly older than him. And yet he already longs to advance further, admiring the older kids’ skills as he waits for his class to begin.

dad brag taekwondo

dad brag taekwondo

One Saturday morning, the mom of the other “John” in the class asked Papa if our Jon had older brothers. Answering no, Papa asked why. She replied that he looks like he’s having so much fun all the time ā€” that surely he must have a houseful of older brothers where there is never a dull moment. Papa told her that what he did have was two fathers, to which she smiled and responded, “Well that must be why!”

I don’t know that Jon’s oftentimes tired, old dads can take much credit for his boundless enthusiasm, but in the right setting and mixed with some focus and padded floors, it’s a sight to behold.

Feel free to brag about your own kids (or yourself) in the comments!

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5 responses to “Dad Brag: The Eye of the Tiny Tiger”

  1. Frank Butterfield says:

    Brent —

    This is one of those times when I’m reading something and thinking, “well, duh!”

    It’s now so obvious that Jon would take to this new adventure like a duck to Kung Fu! What a great way for him to learn how to consciously channel all of that amazing energy he has.

    Also — I love the idea of a “Dad Brag.” Looking forward to more of that!


    P.S. I must mention that Jon’s Taekwondo instructor is definitely bringing epic beard realness to the table!

  2. Love it. We’re been thinking about bringing our just turned 3 year old daughter to TKD to give her another energy outlet. She’s still in the high 90s % for size which amounts to having more energy than most of the other 3yo kids I know.

    I’m just worried it’ll teach her more insanity. She took my nunchucks and used them while playing Fruit Ninja on Xbox last weekend so her learning more ways to damage me at 40+ is frightening šŸ™‚

  3. Adam Hall says:

    When my 4-year-old started Taekwando, it was pretty much the best thing ever. Glad you are all having fun with it too!

  4. JAB says:

    Heh. When you referred to a duck and kung fu, I was sure you were referring to Ducky from Penguins of Madagascar. On the other hand, you probably don’t want your kid to be quite that into martial arts.

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